I have to admit that I have not watched a single game of the World Cup.  I am not a big fan of the endless 0-0 ties with only 2 shots on goal in 2 hours and the guys rolling on the ground after a nudge as if their leg was broken hoping for a penalty.  Honestly there should be Oscar award for Soccer player acting.

However Pat and I did make the effort to watch the final game because Germany was playing and we have a couple of German relatives.  Pretty good game (although again 0-0 tie) and only a few acting attempts.  The ref was very good and ignored most of the fake rolling arounds.  I coached soccer for years and could sympathize with the few pathetic shots on goal. JUST KICK IT I used to yell at my players.

The win by Germany was for us, a nice treat.  Nothing like Canada winning the Gold Medal in Hockey, but nice.