I picked up a new blog reader this week which puts additional pressure on me to publish regularly from the vast public that depends on my thoughts. ( I think the number is up to 12 now)

This reminds me of Ian Fleming.  He wrote a couple of James Bond books and just wanted to veg in his retirement in Jamaica.  But the public demanded more (as did his publisher) so he had to spend a month a year trying to continue with his creative ideas.  Eventually he died young due to the pressure (granted he was a heavy drinker and heavy smoker)  I fortunately do not smoke……

Still it is a bit of a challenge to come up with interesting subjects when we are vegging in our Paradise.  Lovely sunny day today.  Biggest challenge was to take Lil red in for service.  I am trying to remember when I used to service my cars when I was younger.  The Miata is running perfectly and I thought only needed an oil change but somehow I came out with a $500 bill.  Apparently they checked everything and determined that the car was great.  Nice feeling that an expert agrees with my opinion.  However I expect it is a slow time at the dealership and heaven knows the mechanics need money, so this is the same as me giving a loonie to the town bum that panhandles beside the downtown library.

As I point out, it is tough to come up with a literary gem on demand when the day is so lovely.  We are BBQing tonight and will sit out listening to music and sipping wine.  If I was Ian Fleming this would be a typical evening.