OK, you have to realize I am writing this blog after a few drinks this evening.

Actually more than a few and a little maudlin, so forgive the story.

We are sitting in the backyard enjoying a lovely evening listening to soft music.  The song “My Heart Will Go On”  from the movie Titanic came on.

It so happens I am re-reading the Michael Connelly book Angel Flight on my IPad.  This is one of the early books about Harry Bosch a detective in LA.  Great series of books.

Anyway, in this book Harry’s wife is experiencing doubt that while he loves her, she is not sure if she loves him quite as much.

The test she gave of true love came from the movie Titanic.  Rose (Kate Winslet) was put in a lifeboat but refused to stay so she could be with her TRUE LOVE Jack (Leanardo Di Caprio) .  She got out of the lifeboat to be with him.

In another great Titanic movie “A Night to Remember” a character  Ida Straus climbed out of the lifeboat so she could be with her husband knowing she would likely not survive.  Rose was 17 and Ida was 70.

So I am sitting there, sipping red wine, loving the music, and I asked Pat.   “If you were in a lifeboat and I could not join you, would you get out to possibly drown with me?”

Apparently while my mind was off in movie experience, Pat was looking at the glorious sunset and the flowers.  I tried to explain my reason for the question which obviously came from way out there, but she just said, you have had too much wine.

But she never answered the question………..