Where we live it seems everyone has a dog and one of the great social exercises in the neighborhood is to walk their pets.  But as you walk you meet others and there is stopping and gossip and moving on.  So all the dog owners know each other and it is like a social network.

Pat and I do not have a dog but by means of borrowing our grand dogs (Lovely little Westies) for a few months and recently walking our friend’s dog while she recuperated, we were introduced to the society of dog owners and befriended a few.

Well it happens that one of the more talkative walkers has two of the cutest Westies you could ever see.  I hate to say it but possibly even cuter than our beloved grand dogs (maybe because they are younger and twin females).   See the invitation picture.   I know I am going to get grief from my daughter, but Maggie and Betsy are sooo cute  (and well behaved).

Anyway, it is his birthday so his wife arranged for a surprise birthday party this afternoon when he came back from golfing. 24 of his friends from the neighborhood that he meets walking dogs.  Pat and I were about the only ones invited that did not own dogs.  A catered party with wine and beer in a lovely house down the street.

Everyone knew each other and even more important knew the names of their dogs.  Had a great time and met neighbours that I have never talked to, but it was like going to a revivalist meeting as the only sinner.  Everyone kept trying to talk me into getting a dog.  Why should I if I can be invited to the parties with free food, free beer and good company and never have to pick up poo?

Bessie and Maggie