When we sit outside in the evening with crystal clear skies, we can watch contrails from flights coming west or heading east overhead.  Where we live we are on the great circle route for flights from Vancouver, Seattle, Denver or Houston heading to or coming from Asia.  Some of those flights I took myself.

So as we sit sipping wine in the late evening we look at the contrails and just imagine the exotic places they are going to or coming from.

Then I downloaded Flightradar on my IPad that tells me what flights are actually flying overhead.

While there are some exotic flights going past, the majority are flights from Alaska to Seattle or California.  We were better off not knowing and using our imagination.

A routine commuter flight from Juno to Seattle is not the same as a flight from Shanghai to California with Rock Stars or drug mules etc if you are sitting in the back yard sipping wine.  Maybe I should not check.