Apparently my blog audience has voted on the start of my first novel.   Well here it goes

“The first time that I realized that our marriage was not perfect came when she stormed out of the apartment with a duffel bag and wearing my favorite Blue Jay Jersey.

I loved that jersey.  It was an original signed Dave Stieb number 37.  She knew I loved it and possibly realized I loved it more than I loved her.

I could not rise and pursue her because I was trying to recover from the party the night before with my compatriots with the Airborne Regiment veterans.”

…..  I am not sure if that last sentence works.

If you recall the Canadian Airborne Regiment (the Canadian equivalent to Delta force) was disbanded after treating a Somali kid, well lets just say, poorly.  A lot of bitter ex soldiers which could lead to an adventure novel.

But at best, I was an Air Cadet in my youth, and while I did learn to fire a rifle in a range, not the same as tracking terrorists over a desert.

Maybe I should go with the loneliness of a worker in an office carrel.

Granted I actually liked the time when I moved from an office that had 100 desks in a big room to individual spaces framed by fabric wall modules.  Personal space, Yahoo.  Not sure I could create the angst of the TV program “The Office” .

I could write about my horrible childhood, but actually it was  pretty good (despite my stories of poverty that I tell my children).

So how do I write a novel?