I hate the TV program Amazing Race with a passion, but Pat loves it.  As I am a caring and benevolent husband, I choose some evenings to watch some episodes with her.

Tonight however, I could only make it through half an episode before I had to leave the room.  Challenges that are so obviously faked for the excitement, even with editing you can see where the producers were shaping the results.

It is no wonder that the producers were successfully sued for $1 million by a couple a few years ago after they were eliminated only to realize that the game was fixed for ratings.  The couple were clearly winning but were sidetracked so an Interesting couple could win.  (That was the series that turned me against the program)

Then you have the contestants.  Those that you love and those that you hate, and the producers make sure that the average ones lose and the weird ones continue on.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and went to watch Wrestling.  Evil guys jumping off the ropes with the entire crowd booing.  All the fights looked so violent but I realized later they were all staged for the crowd.  And somehow the evil guys always made more money than the good guys.

So it is with Amazing Race.  This time the evil person is Rachel Reilly who has a crying fit every time something does not go her way, but her partner always seems to get past the challenge.   This has gone on for years.

With a little research I find that Rachel has a career on supposed “reality TV programs”  She has made millions with her crying jags and pathetic scenes that makes her hated but is always invited onto another program.

So Pat is watching Amazing Race in the other room and I am refusing to even sit there.  Better to write a blog than bring my semblance of acceptance to The Amazing Race.