It is an exciting time in our household.  We are about to head off on a vacation in Europe with lots of new cities and cruise ports.  Exciting but scary.. will we have all the documents… will we have the right clothes… will we be attacked by terrorists in some small Eastern Mediterranean town.  All so amazing given our vacation history .

Way back when, we just tried to plan for the campground we could book and worry if the old Dodge Van would make the trip without breaking down.

Now we look ahead beyond this vacation and are already booked for Hawaii in January and are working on a canal adventure in Europe next spring.

I can only wonder what my Mom and Dad would think of this lifestyle.  I know Mother would have loved it but I suspect Dad would frown at the cost.

Still we are only semi-young once.

an addition… Pat previewed this blog and reminded me that I made a joke a couple of years ago about taking a cruise with Andra and Sean and sailing into a Hurricane..  which turned out to happen, so she wonders why I would tempt fate with the terrorist comment above.  Well if it happens, my bad.