It is a rainy day in Paradise.  Light drizzle all day.  Much needed by the lawns and forests and landscaping in the valley after the usual drought of the last 2 months.  Still a mild and comfortable day, with no wind.  A forecast of the coming fall.

Being Friday we prepared a Fish dinner.  I took out some Red Snapper from the inventory and prepared it with a light flour seasoning and a quick fry in the cast iron pan on the BBQ.   Wonderful

Pat prepared a Red Beans and Rice dish in the steamer.  Not her normal Cajun recipe but the bare bones with rice, red beans, grilled red peppers, green onions.

For some reason my wife is becoming less tolerant of spicy so we have had to adjust.  No problem just finish at the serving with sauces.

Tonight I tested McIlhenny Tabasco versus Franks Red Hot.  A true taste challenge.

We have been buying Tabasco for decades but I tell you Franks Red Hot was infinitely better.  How could I have been mislead for years.  I could put that s#*t on everything.  I cannot wait until tomorrow morning with my Raisin Bran.

Now that is a consumer test.