Tomorrow morning we set off for our trip to Europe and the Mediterranean cruise.

Pat has spent the day in the expected flurry of activity that precedes all these adventures.

She has her lists and calls on me for minor details… what underwear do you want, what shirts do I want, what shorts do I want (wait a minute, those are not right, change my selections, thats better)  it goes on.

Then I get out of her way and she folds and packs and organizes according to the plan she has prepared.  Not just clothing but all the documents, sunspray, pills and research papers we will need.  I am sent off to the basement.

I admit that in the past when I traveled on business and prepared my own suitcase, things were occasionally missed.  Try to buy a tie in Tokyo at 11 pm.

So I acknowledge her skill and try not to get in her way.  My job is to make supper tonight, weigh the bags to see if they meet code, and thank her for her effort.   I think I can manage that.

I love this girl…..