In our 12 day cruise around the Eastern Mediterranean , we spent most port days ashore.  We either picked cruise organized tours (very expensive) or self organized.

For some reason we had decided that we would have a day on board for the Toulon France stop.  We had not heard much about the port and I think I may have influenced the group by saying that, to my knowledge, Toulon was mostly noted as one of the two major French Navy ports (along with Brest).  The details that came with the cruise also noted that the cruise dock was so far away you could not walk ashore and everything required a bus or bus .  Toulon is not noted for historical sights as it was mostly bombed to the ground in WWII.

So we did not pre-book an excursion and just lounged away.  Unlike most days, this meant a sleep-in that morning.

May have been a mistake.  When we arose we found ourselves in probably the most picturesque port (aside from maybe Venice) that we visited on the trip.  When I talked to others that did take day trips they talked of lovely villages and scenery.  Still it was a relaxing day and we did dock near the flagship of the French Navy, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.