We visited Barcelona for 3 days at the end of our trip.  As everyone had been telling us it is a wonderful city, clean, great buildings and sights and plenty of history. Lots of places to see and great food.

By happen chance we arrived on September 11 which is the national day for the Region of Catalonia.  Think of St John Baptise day in Quebec.

It was the 300 year anniversary of when Catalonia lost its independence and became part of Spain so a day for a huge festival.  Interesting that they celebrate a major loss in their history.

Catalonia is about to vote on separating from Spain (just like Scotland) so this Sept 11 festival was also an excuse for the separatists to march.

We were staying on the main street  La Ramblas Avenue which was the centre for much of the activity. Newspapers reported that 1 million people came out to demonstrate for separation and posted a picture of the crown on La Ramblas.

Well there may have been a lot supporters and thousands carrying flags but it was more of a festival than a demonstration and much of the crowd including many waving the flags were tourists with no idea of the political situation.  Blaine and I both bought flags as a souvenir and while I cannot see from the picture, we may have been part of the crowd.

Interesting to see how the vote goes next month.  They are hoping that the Scottish vote will give support for their own separation.


Catalan Independence Rally In BarcelonaIMG_1004