One of the featured stops in our Mediterranean cruise was Dubrovnik in Croatia.  Although it is a small town, the cruise ships love to stop because the coast is so scenic and the location itself is almost like a Disney version of  a Eastern Mediterranean town.

I was up early to watch the sail in.  Unlike all the other ports where the ship arrives at 7 am or earlier, for Dubrovnik we did not dock until 9.   Our friend Sandra had told me that the coastline is wonderful so I went up on deck to watch the entrance.  Unfortunately this was the only day on our vacation where the weather was overcast and threatening rain.

We took an early departure from the ship and grabbed a taxi to the old town.  There were 3 cruise ships in harbour so maybe 8,000 tourists about to hit the center of the town.

Sandra had told us to make sure we first walked the wall that surrounds the town and then do the streets. So we made that our first stop and made the circuit and when we came down the lineups to get on the walls were forever.  Good advice.

This became a theme as we sailed from port to port.  Massive crowds of people with nothing to do but take cruises.  I could vent about why are they not at work, but as it turns out, they mostly old fart retired people like us.

We wandered about and had a lunch and made our way back to the ship by 2 pm.  Very lucky as just as we boarded the clouds opened up with the most massive thunderstorm I have ever seen.  We sat on our balcony watching a spectacular lightning display on the mountains that surrounds Dubrovnik that lit the sky.  Crashes of thunder and brilliant flashes.  The rain poured down in sheets but with no wind so we could enjoy from comfortable seats.

We could also look down on the people that were returning from town lining up to reboard (people that choose not to get an early start like we did)  They looked like drowned rats.

Dubrovnik was everything that we were promised. Just a couple of the pictures from our walk on the wall