I just read about an app that you can download to help you find the gas station near you with the lowest prices.

I deplore this attitude to try and minimize the profits for Oil Companies.  They need the revenue to help all of us, and high prices are good for the economy.  Let me give you the top 5 reasons why we need to support high gasoline prices at gas stations.

1. The profits lead to higher exploration for new crude oil so that we do not have to be slaves to the Arabs.

2. Investment in oil exploration in our country supports many other industries such as steel for drilling pipes and high technology research that will benefit in supportable income jobs for our youth.

3. Higher profits for oil companies means increased cultural support in the country such as the Calgary Stampede.

4. Profitable gas stations mean cleaner wash rooms.  This is important as Pat and I drive across the country.

5. And, this is critical from my personal experience, higher prices means higher profit which allows key oil company personnel to fly Business Class as they travel for the benefit of mankind instead of suffering in Economy.

Please do not download that app.