Last week we had an Indian meal.  (The SE Asian Indian version).

We often used to cook Indian meals when we lived in Oakville, but somehow got out of the habit here on the coast.  Cooking trends come and go.  Fresh fish available, BBQ all year round without snow and lots of other dining options to explore.

Last week we were reminiscing and decided to make a traditional Indian meal.  What the heck, mix it up, turn the fan over the stove on high and leave the doors open to air out the house, and lets go for it.

Pat made an Indian vegetable stew with chick peas, and cauliflower and a variety of squashes.  I made a chicken dish with lots of seasoning and woked with very little sauce so the pieces were crisp.  Lovely meal.

However, the recipe for the vegetable stew was for a larger group.  It is impossible to make a great stew for 2 people.  So there were leftovers.

Last night Pat said we have to clear the fridge for all the turkey dinner accoutrements which we are going to have after this weekend.  Which meant the stew.

She looked into the deep freeze and said we have pork.  I said, sure lets go for it.  I was thinking it was one of our pork loins and I could slice it and make a nice Pork Vindaloo.  Did not check what came out of the freezer until today.  Turns out it was pork chops.  The great kind of pork chops of my youth, on the bone.

So tonight I made a traditional Indian Breaded Pork Chop meal to go with the stew.  According to my recipe, if you add curry powder to an Italian bread seasoning mix, the pork chops are just like they cook in Delhi.

I am pretty sure my Dad, while he loved my Breaded Pork Chops, would not have appreciated this version, but I thought they were great.

More room in the fridge.