Now everyone has stories about what to do with the Turkey leftovers.

We had Turkey Thanksgiving on Sunday and a repeat of the meal on Monday.  Then what do you do?

I had boiled the carcass so we have lots of Turkey stock and we froze a breast for future dining.

Turkey sandwiches are great, but you need something to consume the bulk of the bits left over.

So today I made Turkey Pot Pie.  I have done this before, and we always enjoy it, but I was searching for something different.  I found a recipe that used cheddar cheese biscuit topping instead of the pie crust or puff pastry.

Now I modified the guts of the pie to my normal recipe but the topping was a wonderful change from the crust that sometimes worked and sometimes was too hard.

Biscuit toppings on stews are common, but I have never tried it on Turkey Pie.  Could easily serve this to company.

Turkey Pot Pie