On our little European trip I took about 700 pictures (don’t you just love digital)  When I came home I cut that down to about 300 pictures and then picked 65 to upload to my Shutterfly.

We had guests over on Sunday for Thanksgiving and they wanted to see our pictures (well Marie did, not sure about Harry).  So we sat them in the den and I went through the trip port by port.  Did it quickly but paused for the important pictures that had a story.  They both seemed interested (as they have not been to that region) and as I kept it going, neither one fell asleep.

But as I was going through the list it occurred to me that I seemed to have missed so many images from the trip that is part of our experience.  Pictures on board the ship, some of the great dining evenings.  Not a picture of me on the high speed motorcycle meandering through Mykanos (well it was actually a scooter) .  Pictures of Krystal and Pat glaring at me because I chose the wrong route down from Mont Juic.

I have hundreds of pictures of ruins and buildings that I will never be able to identify in the years ahead, but few of us enjoying the holiday.

Lesson learned, takes lots more pictures.