Tonight I found something I did not know about my blog.  I published my previous blog and a few minutes later a comment popped up then disappeared.  Did not see it when I went into the comment section.

I write many blogs and occasionally get a comment from the family.  I found out tonight that I actually get many more comments than I have seen but they are filtered because I have not approved the sources.

A very nice one from Molly that said she loves to read my views and finds them amusing is a typical example.

Still I did not approve her connection or any of the others (some wanted me to buy things, sometimes immoral things.)

If you are in the general population and wonder why your comments about the erudition of my blogs are not acknowledged, well that is going to be the case.

My daughter created this site for me to spread my wisdom (or whatever) to the family.  As we no longer live together they cannot daily bathe in my enlightened opinions and observations on life.  But it is intended for the family and some friends so those are the comments I am approving.  I did go through the list and did approve a couple of friends that I know, but generally this is a personal blog site.

So feel free to send me your comments if you wish and I will read them occasionally, but no I do not need a dating site so stop trying to connect me.