Over the years you accumulate lots of cookbooks.  Pat has collected books from departed Aunts, and we have some from long past garage sales. Boxes of them.

This weekend is the local CWL bazaar and apparently old cookbooks are popular with the old biddies (I am sorry that is politically incorrect) the senior, senior ladies, that go to this bazaar.  So Pat wanted to go through the books we no longer (or never did) use to donate to the table.

This afternoon we were going through our vast collection.

You can tell you have a vintage cookbook when they show a picture on the cover of a woman in a dress with a small frilly apron in her suburban kitchen.  One classic was printed in 1961.  We started to go through the collection, flipping to read recipes m and reminisce about the kind of dishes we grew up on.  Boy they used a lot of sugar in those days and virtually no spices beyond salt, pepper, cinnamon and poultry seasoning (whatever that is) plus yellow mustard and ketchup (which technically are not spices but used as such in those days).  Yellow mustard of course because Dijon France had not yet been discovered.

Still you had to give credit to dishes that were based on what you had in the garden and the limited selection at the store.  Most of these books were from Western Canada or rural Ontario so were limited in Ethnic dishes.

I noticed a recipe for zucchini bread.  Now I have had this many times but have not seen one for years.  The recipe was in an old Hutterite kitchen cookbook.

As it happens we had a zucchini in the fridge so this afternoon I baked a zucchini loaf true to the Hutterite traditions (actually I only made one loaf, the recipe was for making enough loaves for the colony)

Had a taste and it is very nice.

We will be having it tonight as dessert after our Hot Dogs (another flashback to our youth)  This time they are grilled Bavarian sausage hot dogs not the boiled meat tubes of yesteryear, but hey,  the concept is right.