Well it is the Sunday after the BAZAAR.  Pat headed off  to church early to help with the final sales in the hall.  All the stuff is still on the tables awaiting cleanup after the second mass today.

Now this is a big parish, so between the 2 masses this morning easily 1500 people come through on  Sunday morning.  Just a short staircase down to the hall after each mass to pick through the garage sale collection of books and knitted ware etc.

I have no idea if any of you remember the 1960 movie Pollyanna where a very young Hayley Mills convinces a curmudgeon minister (a young Karl Malden) to stand up in the pulpit and threaten all the parishioners that they should go to the charity fair (read CWL bazaar) or he would heap fire and brimstone on them the next Sunday.

I suggested to Pat that maybe she could ask Father Marek to threaten the 1500 (well 2000 if you include the Saturday night mass) to go down to the hall and buy stuff or he would inflict old school Catholic retribution.

Apparently Pat believes that Father Marek is way too nice to do this so she never asked. Frankly from the times I have met him, she is probably right.

Again when Janine is eventually in charge of her CWL fund raising I know she will persuade (whatever the term) her Priest to market the program properly (or else)

Good news is that the support team for Pat did all the coin wrapping last night so I had an easy day.

However,  I realize that from the ladies I met yesterday,  that this is less a fund raiser and more a social event for them.  They bake, they knit, they make jewelry and this is their weekend to contribute.  I expect, like Pat, they sleep well tonight.