Over the last few years I have commented that I am struggling with the 1/96 scale for the model I am building of HMS Victory.

Very difficult to build and yet put in all the details to scale that I would like.  To give you an idea a normal person would be just over 1/2 inch high at this scale.  How do you turn all the little finials and pilasters that decorate the stern and other areas.  The parts are just so teeny sometimes.

In the past I have worked at 1/72 scale (the most common for historical models) or even 1/48 (Meagan and Jorg’s Junk)  You can really spend time on the details when there is space available.  However if I made the Victory to the larger scale, it would have been almost 6 feet long and consumed too much space in Andra and Sean’s house (sort of like the doll houses I have made)

But I have decided to stop complaining about my 1/96 scale when I started to follow another builder that is working at 1/1000 scale.

Now for this I would need a laser etcher and even stronger bino glasses.  I do not think so. Even I think this is one weird shipwright.

Tiny Victory