The title is a bit strong.  However he deserves it.

It is Friday night and I am home alone.  The Saskatchewan RoughRiders are playing the Calgary (whatever the term is for guys that beat their horses as they ride along) in a late game in the CFL.

Now despite the fact that James was born in Saskatchewan, and was brought up in the tradition of a Rider Nation family, he chose to call me late in the game (as he is partying with his buddies in Calgary) to gloat about the beloved Riders losing their lead to the hated (the team that is named after the term for evil men whipping and rushing cattle to their death).  Oh Bless where did we go wrong when a good Saskatchewan born son goes to the dark side.

James did not even have the decency to send a sympathy email in the morning after the game,,,,, he had to phone with 2 minutes in the game to gloat.

Legally he is still my son, and I am obligated to love him, but he had better wear green the next time we meet.