When I was 18, I had the great honor to be selected as one of the honor guard on cenotaph duty for Remembrance Day.  As an air cadet I represented the air force.  There was also a navy cadet, a corporal from the Regina Rifles and a Mountie.  We marched from city hall to the cenotaph, each took a corner, reversed our rifles and stood heads bowed for an hour.  The rifle barrel was resting on my left insole and as the hour progressed I thought that it was going to bore right through my foot particularly as it was a cold Regina November 11.  When the ceremony was finished and we could reverse the rifle to our shoulders and march away I was pleased that my left foot still worked.

But I have never forgotten how proud I was standing there on the war memorial in front of hundreds of people serving as a living symbol of the thousands of young men and women who had died for the country.

Obviously Nathan Cirillo must have felt the same way as he guarded the War Memorial in Ottawa.

That is why I was so particularly moved by the Editorial Cartoon drawn by Bruce MacKinnon in the Halifax Chronicle Herald .

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