Well I am home alone on a Sunday night.

The Bride is off in Edmonton to share a birthday with her mother.  Only a few days alone and as she is coming back tomorrow I will have to police the area tonight and do the dishes before I go to bed.

Last night I went as a single male to the Newcomers Alumni appetizer party.  Given that this is a club for women where the spouses are invited, a bit off the rules, but Louise (the hostess for the evening) did invite me.

As per usual a great party with about 36 people of whom I knew at least 30 from previous parties.  As a single guy I made the point to circulate to meet the 6 people I did not know.

Unfortunately as I was introducing myself to one guy of the 6, he reminded me that he was at the party at our house last month and we apparently had a long conversation.  I immediately went into the recovery routine I had when I was working by blaming the lighting in the room, of course I remembered him.  Then moved on.   By careful observation I heard someone call him Dave so later approached him starting with his name.

When I arrived the hostess made a joke about announcing to the crowd that I was a single guy, but the few widows and divorcees in attendance are friends of Pat.

I had at least one invitation for dinner on Sunday as they knew I was alone, but it was by a guy that made the offer without previously getting approval from his wife.  In any case I was not prepared to go out on the Sunday night as I had anticipated a great solo dinner.

On Friday I purchased  lovely 16 oz T Bone steak which I was going to make my Sunday dinner.  I BBQd it rare and served it with mashed potatoes and peas.  None of that celery, and cucumbers or plant leaves that Pat insists we have to fill us up on meals.

But I have to confess,  I am not the man I used to be.  A great T Bone steak but I could not finish it.  Carved off a large piece to be frozen for a future stew.

Still not a bad evening.

By the way for the family in Alberta, while you were having snow, I mowed the lawn today in sunshine in my shirtsleeves.  Harvested the last of the tomatoes.   Paradise