Pat obviously read my blog about my Sunday dinner, with particular notice of the lack of raw vegetables and plant leaves.

So tonight, before our Chicken Cordon Bleu meal, we had a huge salad of Kale leaves, two types of cabbage, thinly sliced raw Brussels sprouts, sliced Broccoli topped with cranberries and pumpkin seeds plus other things that must be good for me.  It is a good thing I have sharp teeth, it was chewy.

I assume she was trying to suck out the evil things that I consumed on the weekend when she was away.  Actually a very nice salad.

Fortunately the Cordon Bleu chicken was filled with ham and Monterrey Jack cheese, so I was able to recover.

Still it is great to have her home.  As my mother used to tell me, even the best meal is not the same without someone to share it with.

Not the least of which, I can write this blog while she polices the area…..