No this is not the review of the two thousand and fourteenth remake of the classic movie Halloween although if you watched movies this last week on TV you might suspect this could happen.

This is the review of our Halloween last night in Paradise.

Now we do not expect much in our neighborhood since there is no one under the age of 50 living here, but still in years past, people from the valley have driven their kids up to solicit the big houses in the hope that they get full sized O Henry bars instead of the tiny ones.

A lovely evening, cool but not cold and clear skies.  Pat carved a lovely pumpkin (see below) and we put up a skull in the window, but nothing like we used to do in Oakville.  Just at dark I walked up and down the street to see what our neighbours were doing.  Granted half the houses are dark as the residents have fled to their sunnier homes in Arizona or Mexico, but those that were left tried.

One naive neighbour two houses up (just moved here) had their front yard done up in tombstones and skulls with bones and cob webs in their entrance way and spooky music.  Others held the tradition of carving a real pumpkin and trying to keep the spirit.  But it was to no avail.

We had a total of 5 kids.  Two teenage girls that came at about 6:30 (and admired Pat’s Pumpkin) and a few minutes later three gorgeous little girls in full costume who thanked me for double rewarding but I could hear them yell as they ran down the driveway to their waiting grandparents “Can we go not to our street now?”

I convinced Pat that this year we should give away the individual packages of Hawkins Cheesies.  A perfect Halloween gift in that they are delicious with no politically correct nutritional value.  I guarantee the kids will not put these in the pile to be shared with their parents.   The good news is that despite me double gifting every kid, there are lots for me to enjoy.  Pat would never allow me to buy these normally.

Little side bar about Hawkins Cheesies.  The absolute best, highest quality Cheesies made in the entire world.  I always loved them.      A little secret, I thought that when I was marrying Pat I was going to be able to dip into the obviously wealthy Hawkins Cheesie dynasty.  Sort of like marrying a girl from the Bacardi family.  As it happens it was the wrong branch of the Hawkins…… but turned out OK in the end.