Tonight we pick up Andra who is flying in to spend a few days.  It is still paradise here but the fall and winter version of our paradise with lots of rain.  Still better than the snow in Alberta where she is coming from.

Pat has spent the afternoon sterilizing the bedrooms upstairs for the intended guest.  She used to do this before her mother or mother-in-law would visit because they might judge her….  Now that they are not coming she has transferred her neatness fear to her daughters.  Heaven forbid that Andra finds a speck of dust upstairs and scorns her mother.

On my part I have taken the reasonable route of insuring my bar is ready for any cocktail she desires and planning some outings to keep her from being totally bored and checking her watch to see how long until her flight away.

When this was planned I was hoping for some golf but not sure that is going to happen so I may take her on some adventure hikes.  There is nothing better than hiking in light drizzle on slippery rain forest trails into the mountains for the potential of finding a hidden water-fall to make you forget the tedium of working in an office all day.  Maybe not the same as lying on a sunny beach in Hawaii but still a different experience.

I look forward to this visit.  We seldom see our kids so this is a bonus.