I was in the workshop worming stay lines for the model.  That is a tedious step where you take line or rope and wrap it along its length with a very thin filament.  A bit boring but necessary for the accuracy of the model.

When I am doing something very boring I cannot put on a TV program so I put on a music channel.  Easier to listen and not have to look up at the monitor.

This particular time I picked a country and western channel.  Actually a good channel if you cannot watch a TV program as each song is a story.   However, like eating peanuts, you can only take so much before you need to change.

My mind was distracted by some tedious knot tying when I could finally focus on the song that was almost finished.  To me it sounded like “We Made Love In the Back of a Cop Car”

I stopped and thought, now that is a story.

The song ended and I turned off the TV before heading up to help prepare supper.

I was thinking that this is right up there with the great country song titles

“My wife ran away with my best friend, and I sure to miss him”

“How can I miss you, if you never go away?” etc etc etc

I could just imagine the video of the song.

So after supper I looked the song up and apparently I got it wrong.  The actual lyrics are “I fell in love in the back of a cop car”  by Keith Urban.  I expect he went politically correct after a great concept.