I was off at the Grocery story today (Saturday) to pick up a couple of things.

James makes a big issue of why seniors shop on Saturday thus crowding out the normal people that need this special day.  A good point, and normally we avoid Saturdays (totally out of benevolence for the poor working people that support us) but mostly because it is crowded.

However, I spotted a recipe for an Oh Henry dessert slice in a cook book and had one of those inspirational, must be done today developments.  As everyone knows, I am an instant gratification guy which is why we do not live on Salt Spring Island.  I needed more chocolate pieces.

Anyway enough about the slice (it turned out to be only Ok)  but that is not the subject of this blog.

As I was standing in line at the checkout (wondering again why people shop on Saturdays) I was previewing the magazine titles.  People Magazine was featuring Mathew McConaughey on the 10 events that changed his life.  The people ahead of me in line seemed to take forever to figure out how to pay or pack their purchases which gave me time to think of this subject. (Time always goes slower when you are waiting in line)

What 10 events in my life changed me?  How do I come up with a list?

I challenge you, my readers, to find 10 events in your life that actually changed the direction of your life.  It is easy to come up with major events (the moon landing or the birth of your second child) but did they actually change your life?  Take you in a new direction?

Pat and I discussed this a dinner tonight and I could come up with maybe 4 events (of which meeting her was honestly number 1)  Think about it.  I am not asking you to share your lists with me, but can you come up with 10?  If you can you must have had a turbulent life.