I am now in the rigging stage where I need dozens if not hundreds of blocks (basically pulleys made of wood)

Up to now I have been making the blocks as required for each stage.  But this last week I took a pause and started to mass manufacture the blocks I will need for the next few months.  Equivalent to 18″ blocks (both single and double) 14″ blocks (both single and double) and the most difficult at this scale, the 10″ blocks which are the most common. (see pic with just a few)  Think of these as the size of a dinner plate.  Unfortunately at 1/96 scale they are about 2.5 mm.  Zoom in and look

Kind of finicky but if you are a model builder you pride yourself in the block details.  Boring the little holes are done with a drill bit half the diameter of the finest sewing needle.  Occasionally that meant drilling into my finger but the tiny blood helps stain the wood.

You cannot buy these finished blocks even from China because even they would not work at my pay scale.

10 inch blocks