Now I normally write about the little detail work I have to do on the MODEL.  I realize I undertake this so that someone in the future will appreciate my many hours, but in truth, I would do it anyway.  I think of myself as one of the dedicated Monks that hand wrote the manuscripts in the 15th century.  Only God would truly appreciate the beauty  of their work.

OK I have gone a little overboard.  I do the detail because I love it.

In an earlier blog I told of my anger over a US supplier of Linen line that I need to move on with the fixed rigging of the Victory.  My Bad, as I should have realized a year ago that I did not have the right inventory of lines to complete the rigging, but I was so excited in the hull and deck fittings.

As a result of waiting for the proper lines, I have had to put the fixed rigging on hold.  So I moved ahead to work on the spars and finishing details.

It is a rainy Thursday and I spent hours making the tiniest (smallest diameter) treenails I have ever done so that I can make a small boat (think of it as a rowboat) for the Victory.  Very tedious work.  Think of planks 3 mm wide on a frame.

Meantime Pat was off at church all day volunteering to help stuff 23,000 envelopes for a L’Arche charity.  A long tedious day for both of us.

Before dinner Patty described how she convinced the group to pre open envelopes and help set up an assembly line.  I shared my lessons on how to make tiny threads of bamboo and how I could shape each plank on the little boat.  Toasted each other with a glass of wine.

No wonder we are happily married for 45 years.