Pat is away and I am home alone on Friday night.

Apparently my children are concerned, when I am home alone, that I am dining well.  They actually send emails to each other expressing hope that I issue a blog to prove that I am not just consuming cat food and potato chips. So this is the blog.

Blaine has spent the week with me.  With the torrential rain we did not get out golfing or hiking every day as planned.  We did get in an 8 km hike yesterday when there was a break, but just made it back to car before the downpour returned.  He left this morning and sure enough the sun came out and we are in for a gorgeous sunny weekend.

My brother is actually a bad influence.

Everyone knows he has a bit of a fetish about washing dishes.  The first night he castigated me on having a dishwasher half full.  According to him anyone living alone should hand wash all the dishes.  This, to me, is sacrilege.  Thomas Edison invented the dishwasher to free mankind from the drudgery of hand washing dishes.  So this week, throughout the meal preparations, he kept washing the pots and pans as we went along and at the end of each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) he washed the dishes.

As I said he is a bad influence.  Today after he left, I hand washed my lunch dishes and tonight washed my dinner things.  We will see how long that lasts…….

Anyway back to my dinner tonight.  I was planning to make Pizza last night (this was a week of meals for guys) but at the last minute we had a change of plans and made chicken wings, a dish he cannot get at home.  So tonight I made the Pizza.  Pepperoni, bacon, fresh tomatoes, olives, grilled peppers with dabs of Pesto and fragments of Goat cheese.  As you can see from the picture, a gorgeous pizza but I seem to be incapable of making anything smaller than a 15 ” extra large.  I will be eating the leftovers for lunch for the next 3 days.