With Pat away I decided to bring up the tubs with our old VHS player and the many tapes we had.  I hooked the VHS player up to the TV and decided to watch some of the old movies that we had in the collection.  I had stored all of these away years ago in Oakville when we got our first DVD player and have not opened the tubs since.  I am surprised that we brought them here when we moved.

Last night I watched Panic in Year Zero, a 1962 black and white movie with Ray Milland  and Steven Spielberg’s first movie Duel with Dennis Weaver.

Quality of the picture is not what we are used to these days but still I enjoyed them.  I shall go through the rest this week.

There is a dozen of the Walt Disney movies cherished by Janine and Meagan (Aladdin and Swiss Family Robinson etc)  Not sure what I am going to do with them.  I cannot imagine Ariana or Bronte watching them let alone Janine and Meagan and who aside from me would go to the effort to watch VHS anyway.  Reluctant to throw them out but will have to eventually.  Cannot even give them away in a yard sale.