I am on vacation, so declared that I would not produce a blog until I returned home.  Every artist needs a holiday.  Granted a significant part of this decision was the limited typing skill I have on an IPAD.

But this revelation came on today and I must share it with my readers.

When we moved out to the island, Pat and I had this initial dream of a property on the ocean with a great view.  Did not come about so we live in a great place 5 minute drive from the shore.  Every now and then I think of what we might have had.

This week we are staying in a condo overhanging the ocean on the west coast of the big island of Hawaii.  Beautiful views over the ocean with gorgeous sunsets,  but the waves crashing in on the shore below is deafening.  I know you are thinking that the sound of surf on a Pacific beach must be heavenly, but trust me, it is not.

Now I am glad that we found a retirement home off the beach.