The family have the details of our recent vacation in Hawaii, so I do not have to repeat them here.  Let us just say we flew back from wonderful weather and found out that it was not that cold on our arrival.

You spend that kind of money to fly to Hawaii you want to leave the – 30 C of Winnipeg, have a holiday at + 30 C  and fly back to – 30 C so you can brag to your friends and neighbours about the experience they missed.  A feeling of superiority plus the slightly browner tinge to the skin.

But, when you fly back and the temp is +12 C and everyone says “well it was quite nice when you were gone” you miss that part of the bragging benefit of the vacation.

In any event Pat and I felt we gained a few grams (or possibly kg) in body mass on our trip so started our recovery tonight with a nice stir fry of veggies and chicken in a light Indonesian sauce with ginger and mango.  Lovely meal.

A dessert of ginger snaps.

We will see how long this lasts.

Still great to be home and sleep in our bed.