When Meagan was young she loved the book Matilda by Roald Dahl.  This is a story about a precocious girl with uncaring parents who is sent to a private school run by an evil Principal Agatha Trunchbull.  Trunchbull was an ex shot put champion who scares the students with physical mayhem and forces them to obey outdated restrictive rules ie No Smiling.

By happen chance Pat and I watched the movie Matilda this week and I was immediately reminded of the case of Melody Torcolacci the Health professor at Queens university who teaches students that Vaccination is evil.  She too is an ex shot put champion and intimidates the students with her anti-vaccine diatribe including a command that they must watch a video that says AIDS is due to the polio vaccine as IT WILL BE ON THE TEST.

No word if Torcolacci grabs students who question her and shot puts them out the window, but looking at a picture of her she looks capable.