It is the Friday before Valentines day.  As per our routine this is a night for seafood.  This meal is part one of my Valentine gift for Pat.  More details after the meal tomorrow.

I prepared Salmon en Papillote.  Basically a fish baked in a parcel of parchment paper.  Dead easy to do but it impressed the lady which is the objective.

The base was a a mixture of wild rice, basmati and red rice.  The recipe called for wild rice but I find that a bit chewy hence the mixture.

Topped with a filet of fresh caught salmon (which I acknowledge is a luxury that we have here on the island).  Seasoned with a bit of smoked sea salt, chopped green onions and mushrooms.  Wrapped in a heart shaped parchment paper and baked.  Peas on the side

Wonderful meal which gets me free time on the computer while the wife cleans up extolling the virtues of being married to me.