Early yesterday I was at our local grocery store to pick up the ingredients for my special meals for the Friday and Saturday for Pat.

I am checking out on the express line and notice that most of the guys (mostly my age)  are buying mini flower bouquets (our grocery store has a flower shop).

There was a minor price check-out delay in my purchase and I mentioned to the clerk “must be coming up on Valentines Day given all the flowers”.  She said “well that is what guys do”

So I told her that I chose to celebrate Valentines by preparing two special meals for my wife.  Then went on to describe them (the guy doing the price check had still not returned)

She went… “Oh I wish my Husband would do that”.  The guy behind me just gave me a stink eye with the look  ‘this bouquet is much easier’.

Anyway last night for my love I prepared Salmon en Papillote (read my previous blog)

Tonight I prepared a romantic Spaghetti and Meatballs dinner as our Valentine meal.

I know some of are saying what is romantic about Spaghetti and Meatballs?   Well in a recent poll on the top 10 Romantic movie scenes of all time… the Lady and the Tramp dinner spaghetti and meatballs was right up there with the pottery scene from Ghost.

Flowers….I do not need schtinking Flowers.

Pat tells me she has a special dessert for tonight as my reward.

Will not tell me what it is……  I am hoping it is the cookies she baked for her group executive meeting, but we shall see.