Pat belongs to the local Catholic Women’s League (CWL) .   Big part of her life.

One of the duties of CWL is to cater the reception for any funeral held at the church.  The ladies are grouped in teams so they only have to serve at every eighth or tenth funeral.

The members make up sandwiches and desserts with coffee and tea for the reception after the funeral mass.  For this the CWL gets $200 from the family or the funeral home.  A bargain since receptions at the funeral home can be $500 or more.

The cash is pure profit for the CWL because the ladies in each team donate the ingredients and the labour including the set up and clean up.

Pat has specialized in making a pile of Tuna Salad sandwiches for her donation.  Chopped celery, onions, olives and many secret ingredients.  Apparently her sandwiches are gone in a heart-beat at every funeral reception.

Today as she left she gave me a treat with four squares made from the outside crust with the filling that she if famous for.  Damn… the best tuna salad sandwich I have ever tasted.  I realize why they disappear at every reception long before the meat sandwiches.  Worth dying for.. well worth someone you know dying for.

I may have to start attending the funerals for obscure people that she is catering just for the Tuna Sandwiches…. or maybe ask her to make them at home.