I was reading about traditions in major league sports and one of them is that NHL players, when they are getting dressed, or prepared to play,  they put on their equipment starting with the left and then the right.  Pull up the leg sock on the left then the right, strap on the left shin guard then the right, pull up the stocking on the left and then the right, tape the left then the right and finally put on the left skate then the right.  It is a well documented tradition.

Way back when I was playing hockey (and this despite what you might think, was not on frozen ponds but in indoor arenas) that is what I did.  Regardless if I had scored in the previous game (which admittedly was a rare event) I always started my preparation on the left because you did not question a habit and I was always optimistic that this game would be my breakout.

Turns out I could have been an NHL player,  well maybe lacking some skill level, but I did have the pro inclination.

To this day I still put on my left shoe before my right.  Who knew I was a natural?