Pat and I attended the Oscar party held by our friends Paul and Bev.  They host it every second year and it is a much sought after invitation.  The directions told us to either come in formal wear or in a costume of one of the movies.

After some debate I wore camouflage for American Sniper and Pat put on a back pack for Wild.  I chose to stop shaving for two weeks to get the right stubble but Pat did not match by growing her legs hairy.  (You have to have read the book to get the concept of unshaven legs)

We arrive at the red carpet ceremony and figure we have the costume thing done.  Everyone else showed up in formal wear (tuxedos and ball gowns) so lots of Ohhs and Awws on our outfits.  Had the prize in the bag when just before the awards started a couple we know well showed up identically dressed as Lobby Boys from Budapest Hotel.  Pill box hat, pencil mustache, tunics with buttons, the whole nine yards.

I went, damn I have grown this miserable hair on my face for two weeks for nothing.  We ended up with the consolation prize.

The other prize was for the one that guessed the most categories correctly.  I did OK at 13 correct out of 24 but got beaten by Henry who is in the TV production business.

Still a wonderful evening.  Have to keep friendly with them so we get an the invitation list for the next time.  The best part of the evening was shaving off the beard when I got home.