I am saying this is an unusual blog because the situation this evening is different.

Pat has a cold.  Nothing unusual except she is acting like me when I get a cold. Pathetic lying in bed with no joyful spirit of buck-up buckoo and get over it.   I swear it could be me.

So she spends her day in PJs in a robe and lying on the couch in the den watching the Brier Curling.

Been a couple of days, so I thought I would prepare a nice Italian spaghetti meal this evening.  Spicy sausage, pesto in an Marinara sauce with a side of fresh tomatoes with slivers of smoked cheese and a balsamic drizzle.  I prepared the whole meal while she lay watching Northern Ontario rink play New Brunswick.

Invited her out and she enjoyed her meal and then immediately went in to lie down in the den, close the door to watch the rest of the game.

Shocked, I am sitting there with a table of dirty dishes and even more dishes in the kitchen saying to myself, what do I do now?  As my many readers know this is normally the point where I go into the den and write one of my informative blogs.

Now I am not totally useless.  Blaine was here for a week and showed me how to police the area and rinse dishes.  I am an engineer so figured out how to load the dishwasher.

Pat is in the den watching curling, I have loaded the dishwasher and am writing this blog from the little desk on the laptop outside of the kitchen.

But I did question what do you use for soap.  Again I am a technical guy and realize you need some kind of detergent or soap to cleanse the oil and fat from the dishes.  I look under the sink and where there used to be a box of powdered detergent (back when I did help with the dishes) there are bottles of fluids and a container with some kind of plastic packages that we use when we are travelling to wash clothes.  I know those are wrong so I go for the soap.

Pat’s fascination with Curling is fascinating.  She watched the Scotties through the series and watches every draw of the Brier.  Pat can tell me all the details including the name of the girlfriend of the third on the Alberta rink.  At dinner tonight she was extolling about this shot by the Saskatchewan rink where there were 6 rocks in the house….

Wait a minute… should foam be coming out around the door of the dishwasher????

Gotta go