Pat apparently had issues with my blog last night.  According to her, it was not accurate only because of the details of the curling game she was watching.

So it is now Friday night and she is still ill.  As a result I did not have to prepare a lent seafood meal.  All she wanted for dinner was mushroom soup.  I made Jager Schnitzel with vegetables for myself.  Then, of course, came that responsibility of policing the area and washing the dishes.  Why do I not learn that you do not need all those dishes to prepare a simple meal?

Tonight she is feeling better so could shout out instructions to me from her couch in the den watching the latest round of the Brier on how I must clean up.  Most important lesson is that those little detergent packages under the sink are not the same packages she gave me when we were on the cruise last summer to wash the clothes.  Actually I wondered why she would store them under the sink.  They go in the dishwasher.  Go figure.

Evening cleanup went much quicker.  Dishwasher is running, kitchen is clean and Pat is looking like she may actually survive.

Good news all around