You may remember years ago, when Pat became the treasurer for the local CWL, I predicted in a blog that we could make good money just like the infamous Vatican Banker from the 80s.  All that cash flowing through your hands, every bank and investment company gets rich.  Unfortunately this has not proven true.  In fact over the years I think we are out $3.57 as we have had to donate to make the month end balance when the cash does not add up.

Now in a new announcement, we might be able to make the bonus on our retirement funds.  Pat has joined the Monday morning crew that count and sort all the collection baskets at her church over the weekend.  Piles of coins and bills.  I am thinking of giving her masking tape for her fingers (just like the sticky bandits in Home Alone 2) .

Just a little problem with her morals, but I can work on that.