I actually have nothing profound to share with my readers tonight, except this is the first night in a week where life is again approaching Paradise.

A week ago Pat came down with a cold.  Not just a sniffle cold, but fatigue and headaches and, well face it, she was being obnoxious.  Sort of like I am when I have a cold but it went on.

To avoid my getting the cold, (which would be much more serious) we avoided contact and she did not get to touch the dishes or food preparation.  This required a major shift in our evening duties and responsibilities.    I not only had to prepare the meals I HAD TO CLEAN UP AFTER.  As the cold went on and on I started to suspect that she was faking it but she did such a good job of pathetic life that I had to believe her.

Today, Pat has apparently survived and starting to approach real life.  This evening after our meal of sautéd Sole and strangely Perogies, she took over the cleanup claiming I was never that good at the kitchen maintenance.  I held my head down and admitted my limitations.

So I am back at my role in life of writing a Blog while Pat polices the area and loads the dishwasher.  Good to have life back to normal.