Our Probus club (a club for retired people) held a St Patrick’s dinner dance tonight (Mar 20)  I know you are saying why not on the 17th but the local Legion Hall was booked and that is the most economical place for us to hold it.

Just like old times.  $15 per person with a full 3 course Roast Pork meal and a live band for dancing after.  True bargain so about 96 people signed up.

By now we know almost all of them because of other events we do with the club so a great evening.  Almost everyone dressed in Irish green with fancy hats and decorations.  The band played celtic music until the wee hours… well wee for our group try 10 pm.

Lots of laughs and conversation with cheap beer and wine but it was obvious it was a senior group.  Let me give you an example.  I mentioned to the guy next to me that the Guinness beer was the truly only authentic thing being served.  He maintained that Guinness was an English beer and another guy maintained that it was actually started in Scotland.  Other guys came in on all the views (including one Polish guy that that was sure it started in Warsaw and was stolen by the British)

Now I knew they were all wrong so asked for anyone in the group to show me their smart phone or I phone.  Indication of our generation that NO ONE had a smart phone.  Finally someone a couple of tables over came with an IPAD and I was able to prove to everyone that I was correct.

Can you imagine a dance party with our kids or grand kids where we would not be able to access the internet within 30 seconds?

In any event, there were prizes for the best dressed Irish outfit.  I had told everyone that Pat should win because she was the only authentic Irish Descendent Catholic in the group that was observing Lent.  Must have turned the judges because she won the prize.