James sent me an epub version of a book on-line that he had just read.  Even though it was slightly Sci -Fi he thought I would enjoy.

Now there is no question that James and I have far different taste in novels.  He has an entire wall of books that I would not consider reading, but he did acknowledge our difference in tastes and said.. “Dad try this”

He is my son so despite the 30 or so books that I have lined up in my repertoire, I immediately read ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir.   Absolutely loved it.

It is not a Sci Fi with weird monsters, it is an adventure.  Think of a combination of Robinson Crusoe and Apollo 13 and the movie Gravity.  An astronaut is accidentally marooned on Mars by NASA and has to use his wits to survive until he can be rescued.

I connect to the guy because he is a Mechanical Engineer who has the ultimate skill of being HANDY.  Sort of like me……. in my dreams.

Great book with lots of excitement and humour, but not to everyone’s taste if you do not like nerdy details like when he figured out how to grow food fertilized with his excrement.

I am always open to new adventures in reading from my kids like “The Book of Negroes” and “The Help”