We have a Sonos music system in our home.  Basically a system that plays music connected to our computer but broadcasts wherever we want in the house.

Pat and I put on music  in the afternoons and evenings from our inventory of 13,000 songs.  When the family visit we play with the system to listen to favourite songs in the order requested.

Most evenings at dinner we select a category of easy listening or soft jazz but often use the Sonos to connect to an internet radio station that plays the kind of music we want for the evening.  These are radio stations like you get on Sirius XM but we do not pay for them.  For instance when we are having an Indian meal we may pick a Bombay music station or one that plays Greek music on another evening.   At Christmas there are stations that only play Christmas carols all day long.

A few years ago we discovered a radio station broadcasting from Antarctica.  Specifically a non-commercial station called A-Net that plays soft music recorded by Independent artists.  Great music that you would never hear on a regular station.

Granted you cannot listen to this every night because they repeat the program over and over, but we listen once or twice a month and it is wonderful dinner music.

We call it our Antarctic Music night.  It is Easter Sunday and tonight with our Lamb we had one of those nights.