We had a great Easter weekend.  Tons of sunshine.

Saturday night we were invited to our friends for their elaborate Easter dinner.  Held on the Saturday because their daughter and her … mate had to fly home on Sunday.

Harry and Marie did one of their over-the-top meals.  Turkey and all, and I repeat all, the trimmings.  Six people for dinner and food for twelve.  I mean who cooks a 25 lb turkey for 6 people?

So for Easter Sunday, Pat and I could do our own thing.  We bought a roast of Lamb.  A Lamb raised south of us on the Island.  I assume the lamb had a happy life because its shoulder tasted fabulous.

Problem with a lamb roast for 2 people is that leftover lamb does not make great sandwiches, so what do you do?  We found a wonderful solution.

Tonight we made a Shepherd’s pie with the shredded lamb meat, carrots, parsnips, peas and celery.  Of course topped with mashed potatoes from Harry’s potato farm in Saskatchewan.

Two great meals in a row.  If any of you want a good Shepherd’s pie recipe let me know.