I have to be very careful in my blog subjects because I have received responses based on the title and not everyone is a fan of my erudite comments on life.

Like most people I have a number of email addresses. Well in my case, since I retired two.  One for the family and friends and one for the public.  Now I will await responses from my fans on which list they are on….

This was a lesson from years ago on how to avoid SPAM.  I mean why would I need a device for Penis enlargement and can you actually use that much Viagra.

The good thing is that the email hosts that I now use have done a wonderful job in filtering spam.  It is a rare event when I get an email where I question the source.

So you can imagine my reluctance to open an email from Vivianna Valiente asking me if I needed Maintenance.

I did not open the first note but after a couple of repeats, I thought what the heck.  What is the worse that could happen.  Pat is in the next room.

Turns out she is the booking administrator at the local Mazda dealership trying to schedule me for an oil change for my Miata.

I did contact her and suggested she change her email address to Courtenay Mazda but then realized that, while I have a phobia on email solicitation, there are a lot of senior Mazda drivers in the Valley that might want to book an appointment just to see her.

It is a sad comment on the issue of email spam that makes me have a negative opinion on what might be a wonderful lady Vivianna Valiente.

I am due for an oil change so will book it at the dealership and see.

As Pat tells me…Men are predictable.